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Bands we recommend:

Ska-P - die offizielle Seite
Les Babacools - Latin Funk Ragga etc. aus München
Skaos - alte Haudegen aus Krumbach
The Braces - Ska got soul; da hat unser Drummer in den achtziger Jahren gespielt
The Neighbours - coole Live-Band aus Tölz
Rapid - the new skankin' shit from munich

Ska international: friends from Japan

Dallax - Ska Taifun from Tokio
Cutie Pi - Japan's craziest Ska Band
Asakusa Jinta - Japan's answer to the Ska Question.
Rollings - Japan's answer to the Ska Question.
Doberman - Ska from Osaka
All about Ska performers
Motors - not only protocols, also Ska from Kyoto
The Scandals - from Nagoya
The Laurels - from Nagoya
The Spymaker - also from Nagoya
Modern Boys
Camel - from Tokyo
Skalp - from Toyama
Skanky old - from Toyama

Ska international II: friends from Russia

Shluz - Ska from Moscow, our personal favs
Markscheider Kunst - Ska/Raggae Band from Saint Petersburg...great!!!
Skalpel - Ska/Reggae from Moscow
Leningrad - Ska from Saint Petersburg
Shootki - another great band from Moscow
Male Factors - Moskow Ska/Neoswing Band
Spitfire - they just rock ... go check them out!!

Fanzines / Ska Sites we visit: - das Standardwerk zum Thema Ska
Der Dude - und seine umfangreiche Ska Seite
Ska Pics - Fotogalerie von zig Ska Konzerten
Ska Times - Ska Konzert Planer etc. wikipedia zum Thema Ska
Sub-Bavaria. Wiki on Bavarian Subculture
skaineuropa: Zusammenstellung so ziemlich aller Skabands Europas

Favourite Clubs and Promoters:

Impulso (GLM) - our current lable
Pork Pie - lable
Wolverine Records - our old lable - concerts and promotion
SAM - Smart Art Music
Burnout Events
Ermi - erlanger rockmusic-initiative

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